2018 Operation Good Cheer - Registration/Update/Sign in           (Documents)  
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Please select one of the following:
   New PILOT Registration  (If you already have a valid username and password, use that instead of creating a new record.
       Creating a new record will prevent you from some 'options' that previous OGC pilots may select.
  New GROUND CREW Registration
  I already have a username/password - please retrieve my previous information
         Pilot or Ground Crew:    Pilot           Ground Crew 
         Username:    (Pilots - initially, this is your first and last name, together, no spaces, OR #ID)    
         Password:     (Pilots - initially, this is the registration number of your aircraft-all capital letters)
          (If you forgot your password, enter FORGOT (all uppercase) for the password - it will be sent to you IF we have an email address for you)

VERIFICATION (ie, prove that you are not a robot)
Please answer the following math question.
 What is 5 PLUS 9? Answer: